In February 1992, we saw a drastic increase of drug use and its corresponding undesirable results among our youth; there were drive-by shootings and gang warfare in general. We were losing a generation -- or so it seemed. Marion, my spouse, and I decided to do something about it, and held a series of meetings with them to resolve the problem. Our local media picked up on this, and did a feature article on our activities. Just about this time, the Virgin Islands received a South-East Regional Grant to mitigate this nettling problem, which was also posing a problem for other regions as well. A portion of the grant was set aside for substance abuse mitigation training. Marion and I decided to take the course, and upon completion, the center certified us.

To attack the problem, we started with the Discovery Program, a three month in- school activity. Since then, we have involved ourselves with just about any movement to improve our community: We have worked with the U.S. Attorney’s Office on the Drug Reduction Committee, and as behavioral counselors with the Virgin Islands Department of Education. About Face (AFI) is also the recipient of many community service awards and endorsements.

Our focus is now on veteran issues, and it is our endeavor to improve the service veterans receive in the territory. After fifteen years of non-compensatory service; we feel privileged to have done it, and glean the enjoyment for we realize that there are rewards that far outweigh compensation. AFI encourages more virgin Islanders to share in this joy.

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